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Our Approach

Eveything is connected is a hard lesson to learn.   Our approach is to look at as many supportive possibilities and only utilitize what is beneficial.

Our Story

Our Founder, Joell Daniel, tried so many things when she was sick that were recommended by many different people. Most, surely, were well-intentioned, but the few that might not have been give us all a bad name. We don't ever want to misguide someone.  We want everyone to do their own research and verify our suggestions might work for you.

Meet Joell

Joell operates with integrity and intention.  Her modus operandi is altruistic.


Joell Daniel

Founder & CEO

Joell is not a doctor and does not give medical advice.  She has worked in the medical supplement industry since 1996 with integrity and intention.  If she can guide you to a possible solution or connect you with the right item, person, doctor, etc.  she will. She began here career after being a sick patient, 18 abdominal surgeries and a whole lotta "standard of care" and sicker then when she began the journey.  Joell has spent years compiling a database of the best experts, products and other solutions for healthy living.

Joell has been certified to teach Samatha Vipassana, a mindul awareness practice.

Next Steps...

Reach out to Joell if you have any questions regarding her recommended items or services.